Duncan Peattie's Chinese Railway Timetable

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FIRST Apr-01 C 05 CTT0401C NI 27/07/2001 1247 1142
SECOND Oct-01   06 CTT1001AA 18/02/2002 0012 1089
THIRD Oct-02   07 Ctt1002p 09/12/2002 1253 705
  07 Ctt1002a 09/12/2002 1253 932
FOURTH Apr-04 Supp 1 09 Ctt0404p 15/08/2004 1632 896
Supp 1 09 Ctt0404a 15/08/2004 1633 1141
Supp 5 S05 Ctt1006s 03/12/2006 2058 138
FIFTH Apr-07 2 11 Ctt0407a 24/07/2007 2249 1423
Supp 4 S09 Ctt407s3 14/05/2008 0636 132
SIXTH Apr-09 2 13 Ctt0409a 27/09/2009 1645 1748
Supp 2 S11 Ctt409s1 10/08/2010 0832 145
Update S12 Ctt0409a - update 20110213 12/02/2011 2331 17
SEVENTH Jul-11   14 ctt0711a 11/10/2011 0613 2127
Update 1 v1 S13 ctt0711a-update1 22/01/2012 1511 16
Update 1 v2 S14 ctt0711a-update1 14/05/2012 0431 31
EIGHTH Jan-13   15 ctt0113a 18/03/2013 0309 2719
NINTH Jul-14 3 18 ctt714v3 04/03/2016 0537 6541
TENTH Jun-16   19 ctt616v1 19/11/2016 0358 5979
ELEVENTH Mar-19   20 ctt319v1 24/06/2019 0238 8639

The table above lists the files comprising the last published version of each of the eleven editions of my timetable. For each edition all files shown should be downloaded by clicking on the links in the FILENAME column - the files can then be read together. All files are .pdf.

For completeness I have made available other published files, including the Quick Reference timetables. Click here to see them.

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