Duncan Peattie's Chinese Railway Timetable

Printed Timetables For Sale - Clearance

HERITAGE May-56 1 58 A4 GBP5.00  
A5 GBP3.00  
SECOND Oct-01 1 130 A4 GBP5.00  
THIRD Oct-02 1 147 A4 GBP4.00  
A5 GBP2.50  
NINTH Jul-14 3 307 A4 GBP6.00  
A5 GBP3.50  
TENTH Jun-16 1 388 A5 GBP4.00  
ELEVENTH Mar-19 1 495 A4 GBP12.00  
A5 GBP7.50  
CRPH Oct-99   354 185mm x 130mm GBP5.00 Unbound
Oct-01   328 GBP5.00  
Oct-02   328 GBP5.00  
Apr-04   322 GBP5.00  

The table above lists printed timetables currently available for sale, and may change. Timetables are complete and generally in good condition, but some may have some surface damage. If condition is important to you, please contact me for specific details.

Prices shown are for collection from Watford, U.K.. Timetables can be posted worldwide, with postage charged at cost. Please contact me for postage options and costs.

Quantities are limited - in some cases only a single copy is available. If you would like to purchase, please contact me to reserve your order without obligation for a limited time.

Payment can be made via Paypal (whether or not you have a Paypal account) - alternatively in the U.K., Hong Kong or Australia, payment by local bank transfer is possible. Following reservation of your order (and confirmation of postage option if applicable) I will send a payment request.

If anything is unclear please contact me.


Whilst most of my timetables were originally published under conventional copyright. I have now chosen to relinquish these rights, and to make the timetables available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licence. In simple terms this means that the .pdf timetable files may be freely copied, distributed or transmitted, complete and unaltered, for non-commercial purposes. Details of the specific licence conditions which apply are available at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ and general information about Creative Commons is available at http://creativecommons.org/. Should you wish to use the timetables other than in accordance with these conditions, for example for commercial purposes, you are welcome to contact me to discuss.

The CRPH timetables are conventional copyright.

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