Duncan Peattie's Chinese Railway Timetable

Information about my Timetable

The eleventh edition of my timetable is available.  I also publish a Heritage Timetable based on the train service in 1956.

Eleventh Edition

The eleventh edition of my Chinese Railway Timetable has 495 pages and gives details for all trains for which timetable information has been found.  The timetable contains many useful features, including an index map, an index (in Pinyin and Chinese characters) to the 1,992 stations shown (much increased from previously), information about travelling by train in China and copyable, bilingual booking forms (including one specifically for high speed trains) to assist with the purchase of train tickets.

The eleventh edition is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licence.  In simple terms this means that the eleventh edition timetable pdf file may be freely copied, distributed or transmitted, complete and unaltered, for non-commercial purposes.  Details of the specific licence conditions which apply are available at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ and general information about Creative Commons is available at http://creativecommons.org/.  Should you wish to use the timetable other than in accordance with these conditions, for example for commercial purposes, you are welcome to contact me to discuss.

The eleventh edition is available as a .pdf file (size about 9MB).  You can download it here.

If the link above does not work for you please contact me, letting me know the country from which you could not download, and I will send the file as an email attachment.

To see if the timetable is suitable for you, you may like to look at (albeit somewhat dated!) purchasers' opinions of previous editions of the timetable.

If you download the eleventh edition I invite you to let me know by email.  This gives me useful feedback about timetable users - how many there are, where they are, how they heard of me and what they use the timetable for.  Page 43 of the eleventh edition gives more details of the information which is useful to me.

Please simply send me an email letting me know as much or as little as you wish about yourself and your use of the timetable.

The timetable is basically a labour of love, but if you would like to support the cost and effort which has gone into producing it and maintaining the website you are welcome to make a donation.  You can donate via Paypal (whether or not you have a Paypal account) by using  this link or by using this QR code:

Alternatively you are welcome to contact me for other donation options - please let me know the country and currency you would be donating from.

The timetable is generally available as a .pdf file but printed timetables (in A4 or A5 format) can be made available for sale.  If you are interested in a printed timetable please contact me.

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