Duncan Peattie's Chinese Railway Timetable

Heritage Timetable

I compile and publish English language timetables for China’s railways, designed to be easy to understand.  I have been doing this since 2001, and my timetable is now into its eleventh edition.  Over the eleven editions I have watched China’s railways grow dramatically; this growth continues today.

A friend who helps me with the timetable has a collection of old editions of my main source of information - the official timetables published by China Rail Publishing House (the CRPH timetable).  He obtained a copy of the May 1956 edition, and (possibly tongue in cheek) suggested I should create one of my timetables from it.  This struck a chord as May 1956 is the month of my birth, and since the timing fitted well with my arrangements, I have done just that - hence the Heritage Timetable!

The heritage edition of my Chinese Railway Timetable has 58 pages and gives details for every train shown in the official timetable - a total of 438 trains; far fewer than today.  The timetable contains many useful features, including an index map and a station index (in Pinyin and Chinese characters, both as used in 1956 and today) covering the 621 stations included.

The timetable gives an easy to understand overview of the train service provided in 1956.  For those interested in comparing it with the current service see The Timetable for further information.

The heritage edition is now available as a free download here

If the link above does not work for you (this can depend on your location) please contact me and I will send the file as an email attachment.

The heritage edition is also available for sale in printed form (comb bound) in both A5 and A4 format.  Please contact me for more information.

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