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The Timetable

Heritage Timetable (May 1956)

Latest available Timetable information and 'Stop Press'   [Updated 4 March 2016]

Quail China Railway Atlas

A Little History

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[NEW]  I am now starting work on the tenth edition of the timetable, based on the June 2016 edition of the CRPH timetable.  Changes in this edition will be major; I plan to publish it in mid-November 2016.  In the meantime purchasers of the ninth edition who are planning travel are welcome to contact me to check itineraries against the latest available information.

General Information

A previous (seventh - July 2011) edition of the Full Timetable is freely available for non-commercial purposes in pdf form as a link from my website.  The thinking behind this is that circulation is not what I would like it to be, and I think for many people the cost of the timetable may be off-putting for what is perhaps an unknown quantity.

My motivation in deciding to do this was not entirely altruistic; I hoped that by making the timetable freely available more people would be able to recognise the value of it and might be inclined to make a donation to support the effort that has gone into it.  I said at the time that this was an experiment, and that I would watch with interest to see what happened.

Regrettably the level of donations was far below the paid sales of previous editions and whilst this is not, and cannot be, a money-making venture I have decided not to repeat the experiment for subsequent editions.  I thank those who did donate.  The seventh edition remains available so that people can see what the timetable contains.  For many this will be sufficient but for those wishing to have the latest available information the ninth edition is available for sale.

Please see The Timetable for further information about both editions, and to obtain copies.

I have copies of the Quail China Railway Atlas available for sale.  For price and ordering information please see Quail China Railway Atlas.

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